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Akshay Kumar Reacted to Being Mocked for Asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi About Mangoes!


In 2019, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, maybe for the first time the country’s prime minister sat down for such a question and answer session.

Akshay Kumar’s Curious Question to Modi About Mangoes

Actor Akshay Kumar stated that when the interview was conducted, it was mango season, and there were some things that I had asked lightly. Like, why are you staring at the clock like this? Whether he likes mangoes or not, and whether or not he contributes the money he receives to his mother. I also asked the same inquiry that any ordinary person would. I had no idea whether this question was correct or not. The PMO office was also not informed whether or not a certain question may be posed. I asked whatever came to me in my heart and head.

More about the interview was revealed by the Bollywood actor, something I had not previously considered. He kept asking if anything came to mind. I remember wearing a white shirt and pink pants and being told that you came wearing pink pants. On this, I stated what occurred in that. It’s a lovely color. That interview taught me that our Prime Minister has a fantastic sense of humor.

Akshay Kumar asked Modi about mangoes

What Was Prime Minister Modi’s Response to the Question?

In response to Akshay Kumar’s inquiry, PM Modi stated that he, too, enjoys mangoes as a snack. Gujarat has a long history of mangoes. When I was little, my family couldn’t afford to buy mangoes. He used to go to the fields sometimes.
Farmers are quite generous; if someone comes to the farm and eats, he is not stopped, but if he steals, he is. He went on to say that I preferred eating the naturally ripened mangoes rather than peeling and preparing them. I eventually got used to eating mangoes as well. So now I have to decide whether or not to eat this much.

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