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Akshay Heartfelt Gesture: Hugging Prachi with Genuine Concern in Kumkum Bhagya


Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on April 8, 2023, Akshay hugs Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir become overly emotional when recalling their Panchi. After losing Panchi, they both cry and relate to their life’s journey. Ranbir comforts her. He sobs as he tells her that he wished to meet her and speak with her. Here is Akshay’s Sweet Marriage Proposal.

He says that life is strange and that they parted ways, and that he had no idea she was still alive. She asks questions as to why he desired to meet with her. He expresses his desire to see her and share many things because many things were left undone between them. He wished to express his hidden feelings. She requests that he tell her right away because he may not have another chance. Also, check Romantic Twist in Kumkum Bhagya.

She advises him that he can scold or taunt her now because he won’t have time to express his emotions again. Ranbir does not want to blame her for Panchi’s death. He had also been through the pain of losing Prachi.

He wants to show his affection for her and tell her how much he has missed her over the last six years. Before he could express his feelings, the elevator was repaired. Ranbir and Prachi bolt from the lift. Akshay and Rhea are waiting for them. Akshay hugs Prachi with concern and tells her he is relieved to see her well. Ranbir is outraged when he sees Prachi in Akshay’s embrace. Akshay and Prachi’s moment is witnessed by Ashok and Rhea.

Rhea notices Ranbir’s sad expression and realizes he is still in love with Prachi. Ashok hopes Prachi sees Akshay’s true feelings for her and accepts his proposal. He hopes that the heated circumstance alters Prachi’s mind and she returns. Rhea inquires about Ranbir’s health. She wishes Ranbir to be secure. Get to know Proposal Gone Wrong.

She expresses worry for Ranbir as well, but just as a friend. Rhea is certain that she does not want to marry Ranbir. Dida wishes Rhea would reconsider her decision and admit that she loves Ranbir. She believes Rhea will agree to the marriage.

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