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Akshay Discovers That Ashok Was Unable to Convince Prachi


Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on April 4, 2023, Prachi’s history Ashok informs Prachi that if she leaves his firm, the business may be taken care of, but he will be destroyed. He says he loves her as his daughter and that he can’t handle things without her. He requests that she not leave.

Prachi informs him that he understands what he means to her. She begs him to give her some time since she is his daughter and she is pleading with him from the bottom of her heart. Akshay discovers that Ashok was unable to convince Prachi.

He expresses his desire to learn why Prachi is so afraid of love. He chooses to inquire Rhea about it. He says he’ll chat to Rhea and attempt to figure out why Prachi isn’t ready to go on with her life. He feels Prachi is being forced back by something from her past. Here is Ranbir and Prachi’s  Elevator Conversation.

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He chooses to investigate Prachi’s past in order to assist her and understand the cause of her refusal. Ranbir tries to distract himself from Prachi’s thoughts. He is eager to get on with his life. He convinces himself that he must go on with his life, just like Prachi and Rhea are doing. He is pleased to see them making their own judgments with maturity.

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He isn’t happy that Prachi is moving on with Akshay, but he wants her to be happy. He wants Prachi to move on if doing so will bring her pleasure and tranquility. Ranbir chooses to concentrate on Khushi rather than Prachi.

He wants to bring Khushi home because he believes that only Khushi can complete his family right now. When Ranbir and Prachi reach Khushi to calm the tempest in their hearts, she will be seen on the track once more. Will Akshay learn Ranbir is Prachi’s husband?

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