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After the reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel, now the prices of edible oil have also come down so much that people are happy.

After the fall in the prices of petrol and diesel, now there is a fall in the prices of edible oil. On the other hand, the price of edible oil abroad is increasing rapidly. People are very happy with the reduction in the price of edible oil in India.

According to media reports, oil prices have fallen by Rs 100 in the last seven days. Mustard oil was selling at Rs 150,050 per quintal, down by Rs 200.

Soybean prices fall by Rs 400

You will be happy to know that soybean prices have come down by Rs 400. The first fall was in Delhi. At the same time, soybean is getting Rs 16,650 per quintal. Other cities like Indore witnessed a fall of Rs 500 and Soyabean Digam is selling by Rs 300 to Rs 15,250 per quintal.

200 rupees cut in groundnut oil

A sharp fall in groundnut prices in the last seven days has also led to a fall in groundnut oil. The first fall in groundnut oil was seen in the Indian state of Gujarat and today groundnut oil price is between 2625 to 2850.

According to the information received, the price of every oil fixed by Indonesia has come down mainly. The fall of 100 rupees for palm oil in the world market is affecting the whole world. And as prices fall, so does demand abroad.

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