December 6, 2022
બીરબલના મૃત્યુ પછી અકબરે બીરબલના શબની સાથે આવું કર્યું હતું..

Friends, Birbal was a great poet, politician, clever person of the Mughal period. He always stayed with Emperor Akbar. Birbal was also a minister in Akbar’s court and a good friend of Akbar.

In the year 18, in the Sultanate of Akbar, the people of Yusufzai community revolted against Akbar. To quell the rebellion, Akbar sent an army under the leadership of his vizier Jain Koka Khan, but the force was defeated and retreated.

After that Akbar sent his second army under the leadership of Birbal. When Birbal reached the battlefield, other Muslim holidays did not allow him to fight the Hindu king. However, Birbal fought the war. Eight thousand soldiers were fighting with Birbal in this war.

The enemy threw bullets and large stones at Birbal’s army, in which Birbal and his army were crushed to death. When Birbal started searching for the dead body, Birbal’s body was not found anywhere.

Then Akbar burnt all the eight thousand dead bodies with fire because Birbal could also be cremated.

Post After the death of Birbal, Akbar did the same with the dead body of Birbal. first appeared Gujarat Kesari ,

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