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After Nupur Sharma, another BJP leader gave a controversial statement saying, ‘I want her throat to be slit.

Another woman leader of BJP said that the fire of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s statement is not over yet. UP BJP state vice-president Sunita Dayal said at a function in Bulandshahr, “I was watching a video two days ago.” There was probably a Muslim leader from Kashmir in this, he didn’t know how many gods were there in the language he was speaking. Among Hindus some came Ram, some came Lakshmi, some came Vaibhav Lakshmi, some came insults like Ganesha, due to which blood boils. It looks like his neck should be separated from his torso.

Sunita Dayal said that this is Hindu society, intelligent and tolerant. There have been many attacks in the history of our country but our culture is still there. What Nupur is unable to say is wrong, but the effect of her statement was seen, Muslim countries also protested. March is going on inside Kolkata, stone pelting is happening in Kanpur. If there is any problem then these policemen stand for security but are pelting stones at the same policemen. Why did you say that, what happened?

People said that people should be hanged in the morning. The video player should also be given the death penalty. It would have been understandable if he too was hanged. Hindu society knows that thousands of its temples are being demolished. He still values ​​tolerance. He says nothing and follows the law. To die for it, not to die.

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