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After friendship on a dating app, the girl was called to a five star hotel, then drunkenly robbed her of her credibility.

A girl has been raped in a five star hotel in Delhi’s capital Dwarka. The accused befriended the girl on Tinder app and then called her to meet him at the hotel, where he committed the crime.

The victim lodged a complaint with the police on June 3. The police have started searching for the accused by registering a case under relevant sections. A police officer said the 28-year-old victim lives in west Delhi and works in a showroom. The victim said in her complaint that she has an account on the Tinder app. Recently, a young man living in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad befriended her on Tinder app. Both started talking to each other on mobile.

Intoxicated with cold drinks: According to the victim, the accused asked her to meet him and on May 30 called her to a five star hotel in Dwarka. When the girl reached the hotel, the accused took her to a room. In the room, the accused gave the victim a cold drink in which intoxicant was mixed. The victim fainted after drinking it. The accused fled after raping the victim.

Some things to keep in mind when using a dating app

Use a different picture on the dating app than Facebook, Instagram. Using the same picture across all social media platforms makes it easier for you to find them online.

Avoid befriending doubters. If a profile looks suspicious, don’t send or accept friend requests. For this, you check the profile before friendship.

Do not share personal information. Don’t reveal everything you say while chatting on online dating apps or social sites. In particular, do not share your bank details, home or office address.

If someone takes the initiative of financial help, then avoid getting caught. Also, avoid giving even if someone asks for money.

In case of harassment, threats etc. without any fear, approach the police or file a complaint with the Cyber ​​Crime Branch.

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