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Abdu Rozik Comes Back to the Show, Sees Shiv Thakare, and Says “Mera Dil, Mera Jigar”

Last weekend, singer Abdu Rozik left the reality show Bigg Boss. When he came back this weekend, the other contestants were happy to see him. Abdu Rozik got back together with Shiv Thakare, an actor he called his “dil” and “jigar.”

Abdu Rozik’s return to the Bigg Boss house on Sunday was very sweet. People smiled and gave him hugs when he came back. As soon as he got back into the reality show, his friends Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare ran up to greet him. It was a pleasant surprise since Bigg Boss had asked the Tajikistan singer to leave the house on December 17.

Colors TV posted a new ad on Instagram that showed Abdu coming back home. They wrote, “Our dear Abdu has come back home!” with a heart eyes emoji. In the commercial, the contestants are sitting down to eat when they all of a sudden notice that someone is coming into the room. Abdu comes back in as the song “Swagat nahi karoge hamara” from “Chhota Bhaijaan” plays in the background, with the lyrics “Won’t you welcome me?”


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Megha Dhade, an actor, wrote on the Instagram post, “This is the most beautiful sight (red heart emojis) @shivthakare9 and @abdu rozik together.” “Nazar na lagae shiv abdu ki dosti ko” (No bad eye should hurt Shiv and Abdu’s friendship) was what one fan wrote. Someone else said, “Abdu is the real hero of Big Boss.” “Wow!” wrote another fan.

It makes me very happy to see him back and to hear how the other contestants feel about it. “Thank you, big boss (red heart emojis),” a fan wrote, “thank you so much, you’re great.” But a few people wanted Ankit Gupta, who was eliminated, to come back.

The 16th season of the reality show airs on Colors TV Monday through Friday at 10 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. The show is hosted by actor Salman Khan, who has been doing so for the past eight years, since the fourth season of the show.

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