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Aamir Khan says – I didn’t lose, funny things were said about Lal Singh Chaddha

Aamir Khan says - I didn't lose, funny things were said about Lal Singh Chaddha

Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chadha is going to hit the theaters soon. Aamir called this film his dream project. In the film, her character’s age ranged from 18 to 47 years. The film was shot in different locations. Aamir describes the entire journey of this film as very challenging. Excerpts from a conversation with Urmila Kori.

Aamir Khan says – I didn’t lose, funny things were said about Lal Singh Chaddha

Our film is mostly inspired from the original, but we have also made some changes for the Indian audience. There were some adult scenes in Hollywood films, which we didn’t include in our film, because we want people to watch this film with the whole family.

Every gym I go to, a Sardarji used to come there, I loved his looks. I told him that I am going to be Sardaar in my next film, can I copy his look? They happily agreed. I took a picture of it and kept it for reference.

Yes, I grew my beard six inches. It took six months. I used extensions under my actual beard. Although I could have grown more beard, but during the process I felt that I was not suitable for this picture. It took us a long time to get the rights to the film. When rights were lacking, I started growing a beard. Beard has grown for six months. We had another six months.

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Meanwhile, what happened to my son Junaid, he has gone to study theatre, he is fond of theatre. From the American Dramatic Committee of the Arts. He returned after completing a two-year course there. Then we were preparing for Lalsing Chadda.

I told Advaita that this is a very difficult picture. You made Secret Superstar, but it’s a very complicated film, so you shoot it. I am giving you six-seven such scenes. I want to see if you can do justice to this. At that time, Junaid also came. I told Advaita that you cast Junaid as Lal. Both things will happen.

What the boy came to learn will also happen and so will your test. The shooting took place after two weeks. We were shocked by the shot. Advaita’s work was good. Junaid was very good. Saw Junayed acting on screen for the first time. He becomes a complete character. I didn’t know how to blush now, because Junaid was blushing for me.

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I talked to my friends. Show everyone that footage. 98 percent people said Junaid should do this role. Only two said it should not be done, one Aditya Chopra and one Atul Kulkarni. He said, a newcomer should not do this film. The story needed a star who could shoulder it, so Tom Hanks was also cast in Hollywood. Also what is the duration of the film. Junayed was not even born.

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The film was made in the 70s. Then I got the clarity that I should do the film, but I kept cutting my beard at the whole thing because I started thinking that Junaid would do it. When I decided that I wanted to grow a beard again. I want to say that I took inspiration from Junaid’s scenes. What did he keep? I got to see this.

What things should you carry with you about the character Lal Singh?

You won’t like it

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I wish I had some of Lal Singh’s qualities. Very innocent character. There is no fault in his heart. Even if someone does him harm, he does not wish him harm. A wonderful trait of his character is that he knows how to let go of his past. which we cannot do.

I have always found Kareena to be a very amazing actress, I first saw her work in Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham. I like her character. He is also a nice person. He also beats me a lot. He hasn’t seen this movie yet.

I asked him to watch the movie, he says he will watch it when it releases, but surprisingly, without watching it he gives me an opinion that this scene should be like this. That scene is like this. Don’t forget to keep that view.

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