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A Us Photographer Treks 165 Kilometres to Capture Stunning Images of the Snow Leopard

Beautiful images of a snow leopard in the Himalayas have stunned social media users. Kittiya Pawlowski, a photographer based in the United States, captured the images in Nepal’s remote Khumbu Valley.

The snow leopard, also known as the Ghosts of the Mountains, is one of the world’s most enigmatic creatures, and the photographer claimed to have walked nearly 165 kilometers in search of it. She chronicles her journey to find the snow leopard by posting majestic photos on Instagram. She wrote, “A snow leopard sits atop a chasm above a field of ice pinnacles called Phantom Alley.

Pawlowski photographed the snow leopard against a bright, snow-capped mountain backdrop in Nepal. Her photographs are distinctive because they have a mystical feel to them, with the rays of the full moon reflecting off the snow and enhancing the images for the viewers. The same images have been shared by government organizations such as the US Embassy in Nepal and publications such as Animal Planet.


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Kittiya wrote about her attempt to capture this stunning image, “Snow leopards are most active around dawn and dusk.” I put on my boots and set out around 4 a.m. The night was beautiful in a cold, phantasmal way. I set out from Gorak Shep, carrying 25 pounds of camera gear, and crossed a frozen lakebed. The snowy mountain slopes sparkled as if they had been sown with diamonds.”

An Instagram user commented on her stunning photographs, saying, “Loved your Work Kittiya.” You described your experiences poetically.” “Impressive work,” said another. “Awesome story.” “This is absolutely stunning.

I say this not only for this leopard but also to express my admiration for your efforts and strength in achieving the much-needed result you sought. “Excellent work!” A third user added a comment.

Dabboo Ratnani, an Indian fashion and celebrity photographer, also commented on the photo, writing “Stunning.”

In another Instagram post, Pawlowski shared stunning images of the snow leopard among Mount Everest and Mount Pumori.

She claimed in the caption that she captured the wild cat in the Gorakshep region near Everest Base Camp.

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