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A strange fact: this model loves the smell of her own sweat, does not use any perfume

A strange fact: this model loves the smell of her own sweat, does not use any perfume

In a strange incident, the OnlyFans model claims that she rarely sprays deodorant on herself. But you will be surprised to know the reason behind it, because it is a fascinating mystery. The model avoids deodorant because she prefers her natural scent. The model invokes people with a natural scent whenever you hug. UK-based Fenella Fox says she gave up deodorant about five years ago when she started growing armpit hair. The model claims that perfumes and body sprays don’t work on her. Not only that, but he also believes that what one eats can change the natural smell.

Talking to the media, the model said, ‘I like the natural smell of my armpits and rarely wear deodorant. I believe that our diet and lifestyle play a large role in our natural smell. The model first stopped shaving her armpits in 2017. However, these people protested a little after knowing this. He somehow managed to change this mindset and is now creating content for his customers It grossed £300,000 (about 30 million) in two years on the streaming platform.

OnlyFans followers love this idea

The model shared how her fans love the idea of ​​long and sweaty underarm hair. He said he just likes to see her sweat. ‘They love to see me sweat and that’s why I’m planning to spend the weekend,’ said the model. I find it very attractive when people work up a sweat at the gym. Earlier this year, Only Fans was accused by an adult-content creator of sleeping with a Meta employee to revive his Instagram account after it was deleted/banned.

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Had to sleep with meta staff to have 1.5 lakh followers. Kitty was interviewed on the podcast show No Jumper, where co-host Adam22 asked Kitty, ‘What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ To which Kitty replied, ‘Started sleeping with Meta workers to get my Instagram back.’ Kitty said her Instagram account has been banned at least three or four times.

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