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A son turned violent due to sports addiction, security guard bought a mobile loan of Rs 55,000 from his father

After the murder of the mother by a minor son for PUBG in Lucknow, another son has become violent in the middle of the game. The security guard’s son insisted on a mobile worth Rs 55,000. The father explained to the son. Mentioned financial position. But the son stood firm. He started breaking utensils, chairs and tables in the house. The father, who died on the insistence of the son, promised to get the mobile within 24 hours.

Found the son’s favorite mobile loan and instalment. Then the son’s anger subsided. On the advice of friends, father and son reached the OPD of KGMU Mental Health Department. The son’s health is improving with treatment. 45-year-old Suresh (name changed) resident of Sitapur Biswan has been posted as a security guard in the hospital. He is getting a monthly salary of seven to eight thousand rupees. He lives on rent in Rakabganj with his wife and only son.

According to Suresh, online classes were going on because of Kovid. So he came with a small phone and gave it. When did your son start playing mobile games while he was studying? He stopped meeting his friends. He was playing mobile games late at night in the name of studies. One day he insisted on the mobile of a big company. The Father first explained. But, he was not ready to accept it. The child got angry. The sabotage started. asked to die A tired father borrowed some money from friends. He liked 55 thousand mobiles in the shop. Refused to take cheap mobiles. There was a fight in the shop. Took some money cash and loan and got mobile. Friends advised the son to see the doctor. Next day Dr. KGMU Psychiatric Department with Suresh’s son. Pawan Kumar reached Gupta’s OPD. Doctor. Pawan said that the child is suffering from sports and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

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