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A girl’s life in Rajkot was ruined due to Instagram.

Social media is a place that has more disadvantages than advantages. There are so many innocent and innocent girls who are the victims of many rackets running on social media. There are many people on social media who are constantly on the hunt that someone may fall prey to innocent girls and trap them. Today we have brought one such incident for you.

On Instagram, a young man trapped a young woman in his net. Then he lured her into marriage and started having physical relations with her. Let us tell you that this matter is from Rajkot in our Gujarat. A young woman doing B.Com here has lodged a complaint with Bhaktinagar police station. In the complaint, he has written the name of a young man named Milan. He said that a young man named Milan befriended her on Instagram. He then lured her into marriage and then blackmailed her on Instagram with the message ‘I am going to die’.

Later it was written in the complaint that the young man had said that even after marriage, you will have to have physical relations with me. Saying this he was in a relationship with me again and again. Even though he repeatedly refused, he continued to have a forcible relationship. Whenever he was in a relationship, he would take my photo and then blackmail me. He threatened to make my photo viral and had sex with Pepper.

The girl further said in the complaint that her family lived in the youth’s rented house long back. After Milan came here, his visitation with him increased and they became friends. Then once again sent a request on Instagram and then there was a conversation between the two. Thereafter the transaction between them led to the exchange of WhatsApp numbers. Then both became good friends.

Then one day when the girl was alone in the house, seeing the opportunity, came home and then raped her. Then whenever he was alone he would come home. After this he used to rape by saying ‘I will marry you’. Not only this, he also took pictures of both. Then when I said no to the relationship, he was having a relationship with me. He also threatened to make the photo viral.

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