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A girl working in Domino’s was beaten up by four other girls, watch full video

These days we are witnessing very shocking cases in which a girl delivering Domino’s was beaten to death by four girls. The video has gone viral on social media and is being shared by many people while four girls are beating a girl with sticks.

In the video, a girl is seen holding a stick. And she is hitting the pizza delivery girl with a stick. The victim is screaming but no one comes forward to help her. The move depicts girls showing their grandparents and knocking on the road by pulling hair on their heads. Victims try hard to avoid these people.

The victim is being kicked, slapped and attacked with sticks. The victim is making his living working at Domino’s. According to the information received, the victim was going to work when the girls stopped her and started fighting without any reason. According to the victim, she was hit on the head with a stick and she fell on the road.

She screamed for a long time but the local people did not help and after some people downloaded the video and went viral on social media, the victim lodged a complaint with the police station and requested for further investigation. According to the information received, the identity of the four girls is linked to a big gang.

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