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A Battle in the Kitchen: Sonia Claims Lakshmi Threw Something in Malishka’s Dish


The March 27th, 2023 episode of Bhagya Lakshmi was filled with strong competition as the participants competed. The show has attracted with its captivating storylines and brilliant performances, and this episode was no exception.

The Thrilling Finale: Bhagya Lakshmi’s March 27th, 2023 Update on Who Won the Competition

Sonia invites her friends to her house. She walks into the kitchen to get some water. Lakshmi recalls Malishka’s cooking and enters the kitchen. Ayush also follows suit. Malishka becomes suspicious when they depart and return after some time. Sonia also comes to the puja. Kiran has arrived. Karishma informs her of the rivalry between Lakshmi and Malishka. Neelam requests that Lakshmi and Malishka get the prasad. Malishka receives Lakshmi’s warmest wishes. Malishka thanks her and sends her best wishes. They both order halwa. Dadi requests that the pandit keep both the halwa and the bhog. Kiran is rooting for Malishka to win. Malishka tells her not to be concerned. She declares that she will triumph. The pooja is performed by the entire family. Rishi and Lakshmi reminisce about their puja experiences.

As the puja ends, Rishi explains that both the prasad will be presented to everyone and they have to sample both and pick which is the best, without knowing the person who prepared it. He does not desire any favoritism. Dadi bestows blessings on him. Rano has no idea what’s going on. Shalu informs us that Lakshmi and Malishka are competing in a cookery competition. Malishka, according to Rano, can never beat Lakshmi in the kitchen. She describes it as impossible. Rishi informs Ayush that he will not be mocked. He requests that Neelam and Virender distribute the prasad. Karishma says she will do it. Neelam and Virender have no trouble doing good. Rishi receives prasad sweets. Everyone gets it from Neelam and Virender.

Lakshmi and Malishka Prepare Prasad’s Competiton

Lakshmi and Malishka prepare prasad for the household. Lakshmi’s prasad is well-liked by all. Only Rishi knows who the winner is. He announces that the winner will be announced shortly. Pandit sends you his best regards. He said he liked the prasad since it was cooked with love and devotion. He walks away. Everyone is waiting to see the findings. Rishi informs them that they will determine who has won and who has lost. He goes on to say that they are one big family. He explains that the bowls have stickers with numbers and names on them. He requests that they tell him the numbers, after which he will announce the winner’s name. The majority prefers the second-served halwa made by Lakshmi.

Rishi inquires about Rano and Shalu’s selections as well. Sonia questions why he is questioning them when they are not family. Rano informs Sonia that they are Lakshmi’s family and will leave if she has a problem. Rishi halts Rano. Virender claims that Lakshmi is his daughter and that her family is also his. Shalu and Bani promise to always be there for their sister. Dadi apologizes to Rano on behalf of Sonia. Shalu explains that they cannot support Lakshmi because they are unaware of the halwa she cooked. Ayush claims that despite the fact that Sonal is not a member of their family, she nevertheless expressed her viewpoint. He expresses regret to Rano. He requests that Shalu inform him of her decision. Everyone enjoys the leftover halwa. Neha inquires about Ayush’s decision. Ayush requests that she inform him of her decision. Neha also opts for the second option.

A Battle in the Kitchen: Sonia Claims Lakshmi Threw Something in Malishka’s Dish.

Rishi informs them that the outcome is on its way. He displays the winning halwa bowl with Lakshmi’s name tag. Ayush, Ahana, and Shalu are overjoyed for Lakshmi. Sonia says it’s incorrect. Malishka claims that she made the prasad correctly and that she can’t lose. Rishi reports that everyone enjoyed Lakshmi’s halwa. Sonia claims that  Lakshmi threw something into Malishka’s delicious dish in order to win. Lakshmi was in the kitchen, putting some powder to the halwa, she remembered. Sonia flees as she sees Ayush approaching. She understands what they are saying.

She discovers that Lakshmi ruined Malishka’s delectable dessert. Ayush promises that they will defeat Malishka. Malishka recognizes the bowl by its pattern and informs her that it is her sweet dessert bowl. Shalu and Bani dismiss her and insult her. Malishka requests that they stop talking. Ayush relishes her anguish. Lakshmi, according to Virender, can never cheat. Sonia explains that she modified the bowl in order to foil Lakshmi’s plan. Lakshmi accused her.

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