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25,000 kg prasad will be offered in Ahmedabad Jagannath Yatra, people are donating

The preparations for the 145th Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath have been started on the day of Ashadhi Bij on 1st July. There is a saying in Gujarati that the mug shakes the feet. And in this Rath Yatra, offerings of mugs have special significance. Every village has the finest and finest mugs. Devotees and power are required to pull the chariot in this Rath Yatra, for which Maga is considered to be very excellent. Devotees donate mugs according to their capacity. At present, devotees are donating mugs ranging from 100 grams to 20 kg.

Talking to the media, Mahant Dilipdasji of the temple said that this tradition has been going on for the last few years in which offerings of mugs, purple caddy and pomegranate are offered. People donate according to their capacity. As much as possible, from one hundred grams to innumerable donations. First the donated mug is cleaned, then this mug is sprouted and given as prasad in the Rath Yatra. For scientific reasons, eating this mug gives strength and it is called the king of beans.

Ten days before the Rath Yatra, devotees are going to donate mugs according to their ability. Also Diano comes to the temple and cleans the mug. The Rath Yatra was not taken out due to Corona not giving the benefit of Prasad to the people. But now its preparations are going on very loudly and people are donating according to their strength. People will be given 25 to 30 thousand kg mugs, 200 kg mangoes and 500 kg purple prasad.

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