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25 year old girl takes off her clothes in front of an old man asks how do I apply and then

A very disturbing case has been seen in Delhi. The age of the girl is said to be 25 years. The girl called an elderly man of 6 years and is working in a very big company at a very high position. The youth is a resident of Vihar area of ​​Delhi.

One day suddenly the girl got the phone number of an elderly person. When the first girl messaged on WhatsApp and wrote hi, the young man in front replied by saying hello. Then the girl said that my name is Riya and I want to be friends with you. Then this young man looked at the photo and said that you look very young and why do you want to be friends with me?

The young woman saw that the old man was indulging in many things. After this the girl started making calls and video calls on WhatsApp. After this the girl started doing obscene acts. The young man saw the girl taking off her clothes in WhatsApp. Then both are talking in WhatsApp.

At the same time, the girl suddenly asks the young man to take off his clothes and is considered a young man. Then the girl calls and says that give me twenty thousand rupees. When this old man refuses to give you money when I want to go shopping, the girl blackmails him. Then suddenly after sometime a Kannaiyakumar journalist gets a call and tells the young man that if you pay Rs 11,000 immediately then your video will go viral on social media. The frightened young man transferred the money to his account.

Then once again this young man got a call and it was said that Vikram Rathore is speaking on behalf of CBI and a demand of 50 thousand rupees has been made. At the same time, Vikram Rathor said that Riya has committed suicide in which your name is written in the suicide note and if you want to complete the whole matter soon, then give five lakh rupees immediately. The youth then felt that he was trapped, now only the police should be helped. He immediately reached the police station and lodged an FIR against him.

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