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15 crore fine on Twitter for tampering with users’ personal data

Micro-blogging platform Twitter has been accused of violating the privacy of users. Twitter has been fined $150 million for this. It has also been suggested that the company should set standards for the security of the data of its users.

Twitter violates FTC order
According to sources, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have announced the agreement with the US company on Twitter. Regulators allege that Twitter violated a 2011 FTC order by defrauding its users. According to the order, the data and personal information of the users are kept confidential and secure by the companies.

Misuse of personal data of users
The government alleges that from May 2013 to September 2019, Twitter told users that it was collecting data on their phone numbers and emails to secure their accounts, but the company shared users’ personal data with other companies. Did. Online ads were sent to users using this data.

150 crore fine on Twitter
In the case filed on Wednesday, regulators also alleged that Twitter falsely claimed that it complied with US confidentiality agreements with the European Union and Switzerland. Twitter was fined $150 million after the matter was resolved.

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